Flight Force 4

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1.05 Ethereum


Flight force 4 is a collection of 11,111 defender nft characters created for our high quality play&earn/rent&earn online fps multiplayer game.

Flight force 4 will be the benchmark for high quality web3 games. Putting “Gaming” first and the earning potential as an “Option” we will create a sustainable model with solid tokenomics, multiple token use cases, and huge incentives to be an early nft holder and investor.

Holder benefits

1. Risk free nft refund 12 months later! (first in web3)

2. Defender bounty games post mint. ($45k in prizes)

3. Rent your nft characters and in game items for passive income

4.  Bonus nft character airdrop

5. Generous in-game token airdrop exclusively to nft holders!

Join the discord: discord.Gg/flightforce4