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DATE: May 13, 2022 – May 20, 2022




Founded in 2006 with roots in Southern California skate culture, SUPRA is a leading subculture brand with contemporary design and innovative aesthetics. Inheriting the brand’s legacy, SUPRA has been reborn as a metafashion brand inspired by the beyond. SUPRA’s definition of metafashion is the boundless connection of virtual and physical fashion.

SUPRA digital avatar costumes provided in the metaverse are produced as digital twins in the physical state – making all SUPRA’s digital items available in the real world.

Going beyond the concept of crossing between virtual and real, SUPRA sets a borderless society by offering physical and digital experiences for young leaders, also known as METASAPIENS.


SUPRA, in collaboration with BAYC(Bored Ape Yacht Club) character #7298, one of the top tiers in the NFT market, is the one of the first fashion companies to disclose and drop an NFT on Opensea, the world’s largest NFT exchange platform.

 [ SCHEDULE for Stage 1 NFT release]

Total: 500

48 Hours Pre-Sale: 300

May 11 20:00:00 – May 13 19:59:59

Public Sale (Open Sea): 150

May 13 20:00:00 –

Where: Opensea

(May 13(Fri) 19:59 KST** OpenSea registration )


SUPRA Multiverse NFT holders will be issued a fashion digital twin for each stage. Fashion digital twin is a physical limited-edition product of SUPRA’s iconic item. Issued in limited qualities identical to the NFT release, it can only be acquired through NFT purchase.

SUPRA MULTIVERSE NFT holders will grow together as collectors and resellers of limited-edition digital twins.

 NFT holders can own a limited-edition digital twin and receive various benefits and experiences through SUPRA’s fashion business.

  1. K-POP Virtual Celebrity RARA

To be revealed through the metaverse in the year 2022, RARA is a virtual celebrity representing the SUPRA multiverse. Based on a real-time engine and virtual human-AI solution, RARA enables real-time interaction with real people.

In other words, RARA is suitable for interactive content and live content, making her the best virtual celebrity in the upcoming metaverse world.

We’ve been working with some of the world’s greatest VFX engineers for quite some time along the way.

By collaborating with K-Entertainment companies, RARA will be reborn as a top global K-pop star through a systematic management program comprising soundtracks, vocal training, choreography, concerts, and advertisement modeling.

SUPRA MULTIVERSE NFT holders will enjoy benefits such as priority release of RARA’s music, concert invitations, and event participation as fans and supporters. You will also be provided with RARA’s NFT, which will be issued in the future.

  1. 2D, 3D Contents built on trust and unique sensibilities

SUPRA Multiverse has built a pipeline that can create high-quality content and characters through collaboration with world-class VFX partners who have accumulated numerous project experiences and technologies.  Created using game-based 3D and ai technology, SUPRA MULTIVERSE NFT gives holders a sense of trust and promises that the project can be utilized in various metaverse platforms as well as PFP. These content and character creation capabilities provide a fresh inspiration to NFT IP holders, and we plan to expand the SUPRA MULTIVERSE in an interesting way through SUPRA’s characters added to the original IP’s story.


 SUPRA Multiverse NFTs are also used metafashion items and avatars in the metaverse. The digital assets provided to SUPRA MULTIVERSE NFT holders in the future are made based on 3D CLO –

you can wear your own meta fashion items in various metaverses including games. With limited editions per project, NFT holders who own SUPRA metafashion items can express their own special style on the metaverse.