E L E M E N T I E S Public Sale



Elementies Public Sale

Collection Solana


Company: Elementies Play2Earn Breed&Battle

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The Elementies is a Free to Play & Play to Earn game powered on the Solana blockchain.

It is a friendly metaverse with 5,000 base characters where players can own land, collect, breed, and battle against other players. Players will gain rewards in the form of $ELM tokens & unique NFT Cards.

The marketplace is available to sell your characters and land, or buy another Elementie whose characteristics you like.

Total supply – 5000 NFTs
Pre-sale 1000 NFTs are SOLD OUT!

The public sale is split into two rounds.

Round 1 – 2000 supply. Price 0.6 SOL
Date – 5th of December, 14:00 UTC

Round 2 – 2000 supply. Price 0.65 SOL
Date – 15th of December, 14:00 UTC

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