eFluffies – A Financial NFT on Elrond



eFluffies – A Financial NFT on Elrond


Company: eFluffies

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eFluffies is a next generation FNFT (Financial Non-Fungible Token) project. This is an ambitious project seeking to create a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem centered around a collection of NFTs. eFluffies are a collection of hand-drawn, randomly generated NFTs on the Elrond network. To put it simply, eFluffies are cute lil’ balls of fluff who embody everyone’s love for cute and fluffy things.

Inspired by OlympusDAO, eFluffies will create a decentralized reserve currency protocol for its NFTs. Initially, each NFT will be backed by a treasury which comprises not only the minting fees but also royalties from transactions of the NFT. Later on, the DeFi ecosystem will provide more means for the treasury to grow.

The minting price starts from 0.05 eGLD, and increments by 10% after every 100 mints. This not only rewards early minters, but also ensures that there will not be an oversupply of the NFT relative to demand. Only 5000 eFluffies will be minted!

The minting fees go into a treasury, where NFTs will be automatically bought back at the guaranteed price. Early minters basically always win! Come check us out!