Dream Society



Dream Society


DATE: August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022




Current Bid

1.05 ETH

Dream Society is a community-centered project built around connection and collaboration. We aim to provide long-term value to our Dreamers by bridging the gap between Web2 & Web3. We accomplish this by bringing together communities fostered by both virtual and physical IRL events. Not only that, but we add another dimension to the Web3 ecosystem by cultivating weekly meetups, business partnerships & ventures, collaborations, and much more to provide exclusive benefits to our community of Dreamers. What lies ahead is an incredible Dream Map of both physical and digital utilities.

Community first, and everything else will follow. As Dreamers, we stand by this virtue and are here to uplift our community. A single Dreamer may fulfill their Dream, but a community of Dreamers can accomplish far greater. Our goal is to scale Dreamers into becoming a globally recognizable brand through continued growth in community, collaborations, and partnerships with influencers and brands.

Our Dream Map is inspired by the imaginations and creativity of our community. It is an extended universe of our art, brand, and roadmap that the Dreamers will explore together. Our team has a proven track-record of executing promises within the Dream Map and will continue to work diligently to fulfill the remaining and ever-growing deliverables. We have so much in store for our community, but we value imagination so we will leave that open for interpretation… at least for now!

Our artists are Christine J, a Marvel artist who also worked at DreamWorks, Phil L, a Bob’s Burgers artist who also worked at Cartoon Network, and Indah, an amazing story-teller and artist.

Mint is on 8/6. Reveal will take place 7 days from Mint Date.


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