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DOPE Whitelist Minting



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DOPE is a 100% on-chain Social-fi P2E project based on Ethereum blockchain.

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Minting schedule is like below:
1. presale
[Time] 2022. 6. 29. 1:00am UTC
[Mint price] $250
[total Mint amount] 1000
[limits per mint] no limit

2. Whitelist Minting
[Time] 2022. 6. 30. 1:00am UTC
[Mint price] 0.1ETH, WL minting only

3. Public Minting
[Time] 2022. 7. 1. 1:00am UTC
[Mint price] 0.15ETH, Public minting

DOPE GAME is not just a P2E. It is a Social-Fi P2E where your action influences other people’s earning. You have to team up, betray and sometimes sabotage others to earn $DOPES
– Citizens work to earn. Place your citizen in a castle(“stake”) to work and claim $DOPES when leaving (“unstake”)
– Only Kings can pioneer castles. In the castle, Kings collect tax from Citizens, Angels and Devils. Tax is collected when the residents leave the castle.
– Citizens vote for Angels or Devils when entering the castle. The winning side of this voting system earns more in the castle. If one side has double the votes, it earns much more. Angels and Devils are incentivized to bribe the citizens.
– Zombies can sabotage a castle. When there are zombies in the castle, the amount of $DOPES that can be claimed by the citizens decreases.

DOPE is the first pfp 2.0 NFT. Unlike traditional pfp NFTs, you earn a collection of images that enables your NFT present anywhere.
– When you purchase a DOPE NFT, you earn a collection of 14(!) images (a Sprite Sheet), instead of just a single image you would normally get from NFT
– DOPE NFTs are designed as characters itself without being restrained to the background, which secures DOPE NFTs’ presence on any platform.