Dino Kicks



Dino Kicks


DATE: July 19, 2023 – July 26, 2023

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Name a legendary NBA player without legendary shoes (we’ll wait)
You can’t.
Players of Primal Hoop are no exception.

Introducing Dino Kicks

A limited 3030-piece NFT Collection of 3D animated basketball shoes.

For just $50 these kicks will get you:

  • multipliers on in-game $HOOP rewards
  • premium gameplay utility in Primal Hoop; and
  • a @Decentraland wearable

Looking for more?

These in-game assets also get you exclusive opportunities like: Airdrops and Zoom calls with NBA players

We’ve partnered with web3 industry leaders, @cryptocomnft, to bring this exclusive collection to their platform.

Dropping: Wednesday, July 19th