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In a futuristic parallel universe, “they” control us with the concept of “dreams”; a society destination for prosperity through hard work and obedience. The media manipulates us through fear and hate as a distraction to profit from our conformity. No more. A rebellion has started.

Depressed Citizens is a collection of digital art made by Juls (the Artist) and stored in the Ethereum network. The DC NFTs will be stored as ERC 721-A. The collection is comprised of 3333 NFTs minted through the website and for the secondary market.

DC is an NFT brand motivated by a deep intent to wake up our society to social issues that are affecting us all. Issues that are often overlooked because they are so embedded in our lives that it’s hard to accept that they are real. As our first effort, we intend to use our collective power to contribute part of our treasury to social causes and make a difference where we can. We hope to expand that over the years and grow a healthy-minded community of citizens that promote a sane lifestyle for the benefit of our mental health, and continue to allocate part of our funds to contribute to real-life causes.

You, as the owner of a DC NFT, have as much right to your Depressed Citizens NFT as you have to your own person. We hope to establish a sense of pride in the ownership of a DC NFT and relinquish a piece of the brand to the owner. You have full ownership of the unique Depressed Citizen(s) you own and may use it in any case scenario you wish. No entity, including the Depressed Citizens brand, may not use a sold DC NFT for any scenario without the owner’s consent. In the eventuality that any sold DC NFT becomes a popular brand image, we hope to create a secondary revenue stream for the DC NFT owner that comes with these ownership rights.

Dc is promising 6 holder benefits:
Co-governance to allocate part of the minting funds to a social cause
Exclusive holder content
Exclusive holder online events
Personalized citizen airdrop to holders with more than 5 dc nfts
Automatic whitelist spot for season 2
Full ownership rights to the owned dc nft(s)

For this first collection of 3333 NFTs, the DC brand plans to act on the roadmap promises upon reaching a series of minting milestones (%) as follows:

40 % MINT
Holder exclusive content (Original music, Exclusive designs, Illustration workshop, Discord events and surprises).

50 % MINT
Launch of DC merchandise.

70 % MINT
Donate to a social cause.

90 % MINT
Season 2 Guaranteed.


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