Degen Lady Ape Drop



Degen Lady Ape Drop


Company: Degen Ape Society

Degen Ape Society is a Family of Apes, Lady Apes, Baby Apes that’ll live in the Ape Village located in the
Metaverse. Degen Ape Society is for all the misfits, degens & rebels of the Solana World.
Degen Lady Ape is a collection of 3777 gorgeous, beautiful & modern Lady Apes that will settle down with Degen Apes & reproduce Degen Baby Apes. They are here to turn a House into a Home with their love & joy.
Our Utility Includes Breeding, $AP Token (Ape Power) & P2E Game that guarantees you winning NFT’s from different projects (New & Established Projects).
To breed a FREE Degen Baby Ape, you will require a Degen Apes along with 2 Degen Lady Apes & some $AP Token.
In the breeding process, an amount of $AP Tokens along with ONE LADY APE will be burnt.
This will Keep the Degen Baby Ape super limited & rare = Super High Floor for Degen Baby Apes

We’re carefully planning out our $AP Token, P2E Game & Breeding.
Also, the funds that come in from the Mint will be used to develop the Future of Degen Ape Society.

Our P2E game will award guaranteed NFT’s of several Projects (New & Well Established Projects).
$AP tokens will be needed to burn to claim these NFT’s.
Constant burning of $AP tokens will always keep the token price HIGH.

Degen Ape Holders get a WL for Degen Lady Apes.
For Breeding, YOU NEED A DEGEN APE (That’s an insane benefit for current Ape Holders).
Degen Ape Holders will receive 1.25x $AP Tokens as compared to Lady Ape Holders.
Degen Lady Ape Holders get $AP Tokens & access to our P2E Game that awards Guaranteed NFT’s.

The Degen Lady Ape Collection is a Collection of 3777 Lady Apes.
The main reason for a higher supply is because Lady Apes will be burnt over time.
Also, every Degen Lady Ape holders require Degen Apes for breeding which will increase the demand for Degen Apes.

The Mint Price of The Degen Lady Ape Collection is 1.27 SOL
Degen Apes were also minted at 1.27 Sol.
Other than that, Solana has dipped drastically but we want to maintain a mint price of 1.27 Sol.