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Cyber Outlaws


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4000 Outlaws Translating their distinct identities into the digital space ?

We are the first community-driven Filipino NFT project to exhibit in the SandBox Metaverse, where big international brands like Gucci, Adidas, Atari, and Ubisoft are located. We also plan to release an avatar/voxel version of our NFTs.

Currently, we are focused on building a brand where our community members can connect, interact, and experience exclusive events in the metaverse. We believe that this news site could be a great bridge to introduce our NFTs to the public.


Whitelists and Public minters can name their own NFTs through our website.

Incentivize holders to breed their Cyber Outlaws NFT!

Dropping Voxel Version of their very own Cyber Outlaws.

Experience local/international metaverse events.

Be a stakeholder of our Cyber Guild which focuses on giving back to the play-to-earn community.

Public drop date: Friday 28/01/2022
Public drop time: 1 AM UTC
Public drop price: 1 SOL