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Cyber girl metaverse

Collection Ethereum

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  • Presale Date: January 15, 2022 – January 22, 2022

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1.05 Ethereum


These are incarnations of three heroines: Kayla, Sofia & Megan. They have 83 different hairstyles, a total of 18 have drones, 14 have helmets, 11 have backpacks and 57 have weapons. Among all the NFTs, 1111 are the rarest – marked with blue frames. 7% of public sales unclaimed will be destroyed forever! CONCEPT The Cyber Girl concept illustrates that NFT is much more than just a PNG-file. NFT brings you to a token-based ecosystem with a variety of software and interactions between participants. Enjoy the user-friendly platform for secondary sales of NFTs, acquiring dividends, and collecting assets. 44 eth for giveaways each step is 25% At the end of each stage, 10% of ETH from the sales will be raffled off among all NFT Cyber Girl owners. That’s 11 ETH in each phase or 44 ETH for the entire cycle. Offers & royalties Get 3% share of all sales Participants can also take advantage of a special package offer in each phase. By purchasing a pack of 20 NFT Cyber Girl cards, you earn the exclusive right to receive a 3% share of the proceeds from the sale of the collection. Royalties Royalties from the sale of NFT Cyber Girl on the OpenSea secondary market will be: 3% on the liquidity pool of the ERC-20 token 2% for marketing and of the platform Cyber girl metaverse community token Provides access to the platform NFT owners get it by airdrop Based on ERC-20 Increases the liquidity of the platform Exchange & trade Profit distribution, liquidity rewards Launch of token IDO in 2022 Listing on DEX in 2022