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CubeWorld Beta Phase 1 – The start of our open-world play-to-earn experience. Our beta will give you a taste of what CubeWorld has in store for you.

Phase two

CubeX Minting – 7,777 Cubies have been distributed and are on their way to the metaverse. Each Cubie serves as your personal avatar as well as a playable character in CubeWorld.

Phase three

CubeWorld’s Official Release – CubeWorld, our metaverse, will be released with three minigames: BedWars, SkyWars, and Laser Tag. Users will be able to compete for $WRLD tokens while playing with their friends. Through scheduled events, games, and exclusive CubeX holder lobbies, NFT holders will earn higher yields of $WRLD tokens!

Phase four

Hubbl Beta – Our main goal is to build a decentralized social media platform for the NFT and crypto space where anyone can freely express themselves without fear of censorship or being shadowed. Hubbl will also include a number of features that are already in use in the NFT and crypto space, all integrated into one platform!

5th Phase

Launch of the Cube Store – The Cube Store will sell cosmetics such as player skins, player upgrades, and other in-game accessories. The Cube Store will be open to all CubeWorld players, with exclusive items for holders, and will be a limited-time shop with new items released each month. We’ll have our own in-game currency called $CUBE coin, which will allow you to buy items from the Cube Store!

Sixth phase

Added Game Modes – New minigames and full-length game modes will be integrated into the CubeWorld ecosystem, providing a greater variety of ways to earn $WRLD and be rewarded with $CUBE!

7th phase

Launch of the Hubbl Application – Hubbl will be available on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Holders will gain access to in-app benefits that will be available for purchase by the general public. The following will be the initial application features:

• Wallet Link To Sign In

• Web3 User Profile Highlighting Your NFT Collection

• Home Page for Messages and Stories

• Make connections with other Web3 users based on specific niches.

• Popular Projects & News Updates

• “Alpha” Group Chats in-app

• NFT Market Intelligence

• Gas Detector

• Exciting Upcoming Drops

• Look into NFT Rarities

8th phase

Land Sale & Staking- We will hold a public CubeWorld land sale in which each CubeX holder will be airdropped a plot of land based on the rarity of the NFT; the rarer your CubeX, the closer your plot will be to the community square. Each plot of land can be staked to earn $CUBE coin, which can be spent in the Cube Store. You will be able to build on your land and customize it to your heart’s desire!