We’re releasing TIER 1 of our CryptoCunts Club at 7pm EST on our website.

Whitelists are for pussies! So no there won’t be a whitelist.

There will be a total of 1000 NFTs to be minted at Tier #1 for 0.01 ETH. Our project has a total of 10 tiers. Each tier has 1000 CryptoCunts. The price will double each tier that we release:

Tier #1 = 0.01 Eth to mint –> Tier #2 = 0.02 Eth to mint –> Tier #3 = 0.04 Eth to mint –> Tier #4 = 0.08 Eth to mint –> Tier #5 = 0.16 Eth to mint –> Tier #6 = 0.32 Eth to mint –> Tier #7 = 0.64 Eth to mint –> Tier #8 = 1.28 Eth to mint –> Tier #9 = 2.56 Eth to mint –> Tier #10 = 5.12 Eth to mint –> FOLLOWED BY 100 Days of Raise The Floor Price Challenges / Games and a supply of Aped-In and Famous CryptoCunts giveaways for holders.

We’re doing this so that we can keep the floor price high and the supply low. The supply will only increase if the floor price is higher than the next tier. Also every tier we’ll add some significant improvements to the community and provide more marketing to grow our audience.

About the project:

As no two cunts are alike in the real world, so too, no two CryptoCunts are the same in the metaverse. Our goal is to make ridiculously fun stuff that can actually make money for our community. Our first goal is to finance a video game called the CryptoCunt Colosseum to let holders, battle, play, earn and pimp out their cunts. In technical terms, the NFT Collection is a GameFi utility token of 10,690 NFTS, programmatically generated and made up of the world’s finest crypto.

There will also be a video game developed called the Rub My CryptoCunt Game where users can earn CryptoCunt Coins by playing the world’s first rub-to-earn video game. If your thumbs get sore, you’ll be able to pimp out your cryptocunt and let others play with it and then you can share in the tokens. You’ll be able to use your cryptocunt coin to upgrade your CryptoCunt as well as to wager your coin in the CryptoCunt colloseum. It’ll be fun.

Remember, don’t be an ordinary cunt, be a cryptocunt.