Cros Multiverse Pass

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1.05 Ethereum


Cros is creating an Advertising Infrastructure for the metaverse.

Advertisers will now be able to create and manage campaigns to run advertisements across metaverses. And the biggest beneficiary of this is the community.

Cros is launching a limited edition of 5555 Multiverse Passes for the community, which is loaded with benefits:
1. Free mint of one Cros Advertising Asset NFT (worth $600)
2. 50% discount on minting 2nd Cros Advertising Asset NFT
3. 20% discount on 5 Cros Advertising Asset NFTs
4. 10% Earning bonus if you own 20+ Cros Advertising Asset NFTs
5. 5% Earning bonus if you own 5+ Cros Advertising Asset NFTs
6. Guranteed 12% APY on Cros Advertising Asset NFTs
7. 1% Additional staking bonus on Cros Token
8. Guaranteed whitelisting for all future Cros NFT drops
9. Exclusive access to Cros token private sale
10. Voting power on community-driven features
11. Early access to Cros products release

About Cros Advertising Asset NFTs:
Advertising Assets are the medium through which ads can be displayed. It can range from billboards and holograms to wearables. The Ad Asset NFTs are utility NFTs and will be sold in future by Cros:
1. If you own a land in a metaverse, with Cros Ad asset NFTs, earn income by letting to run advertisements through Cros
2. If you don’t own a land a metaverse, you can lease out Cros Ad Asset NFTs to land owners and earn income on the Ads run!