Conversations with Orion

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Chapter One: A generative art collection that includes over 600 unique and original pieces in glorious 12K resolution. With themes that encompass a wide variety of topics, Conversations with Orion is an anthology of stories captured within single frames of existence and imagination. Stories that are energized by life and death and everything in between. Drawn from hard experiences and fantastical dreams and inspired by raw emotion. Life is beautiful and the contrasting themes depicted within are what convey the great balance of beauty. It’s what gives meaning to the human experience. I wanted to discuss these things with a machine and together we formed this collection of the things that exist between the lines; the real and the fantasy, the love and the loss, the well-known and the curiosities, the glory and the sadness, the exaltation and the pain, the terrifying and the whimsical, the dreams and the triumphs, and the basic tenets that make us all human.  This is only the beginning…

The first of many planned NFT collections. Buy, collect, print, display, share, trade, sell, invest

Planned Drop: September 1st, 2022