Contemporary Clergy Drop: Bishop Rogan

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The Contemporary Clergy is our first Fine Art collection, created in association with our Loose Moose of the Sollyverse. The collection honours contemporary figures who the moose feels have fulfilled the role the church should be. These are key guiding icons who shine a light and guide us through modern confusion, from Joe Rogan with his mighty podcast to David Attenborough, enlightening us about our planet. These artworks feature their portraits in the style of a stained glass window robed in the traditional dress of the high members Catholic Church. We wanted to honour their significance by titling them with them in relation to the responsibility they have taken in culture. Each member will have a collection of 420 unique hand-drawn NFTs. We will be dropping a collection of each member in consecutive months leading up to the mighty drop of the Loose Moose. The first member to be dropping is Bishop Rogan, this series will be 420 stained glass variants of Joe Rogan robed as a Bishop

You can check out our official road maps here:

Each of our characters is a mascot for overcoming a contemporary issue. They will be associated with a powerful and accessible therapy program and educational platform to bring real-world utility to their area. 10% of initial sale and royalties will go to specially chosen charity projects which we aim to work alongside. The same percentage will be going towards the creation of further programs, dealing with areas of domestic abuse, sexuality and addiction. The Loose Moose is the face of our first program, designed by Helpful Holisitcs – Orientate, available here:

Each character will head a genre to platform various Film, Fine Art, and Music Projects. The Contemporary Clergy is our first Fine Art collaboration and our first NFT drop, building up to the Loose Moose. We have an independent Feature film in production, by Sollywood: The Loose Brothers which 10% of initial sales and royalties will be going towards. To invest in our NFTs makes you an official film producer, for which you will be credited. We have several tracks in production, featuring collaborations with Nathan Smith and 2nd Nature, which we are excited to bring to our community.

The future of the Contemporary Clergy, sees us looking to create a meta verse Cathedral, featuring our members in their stained glass windows, which will grant access to the invaluable information these guys provide. By owning a contemporary Clergy NFT you become an official member of the Contemporary church, dedicated to the humble pursuit of truth, in the bringing together of science spirituality, mythology morality and psychology!

We aim to dedicate a percentage of our initial sale of each member to a cause or project that they themselves are behind.

10% of initial sales will go directly into creating merchandise giveaways for our community and hosting exclusive events for our members, where we can worship the contemporary way!


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