Confessions From the Hart NFT Collection by Kevin Hart



Confessions From the Hart NFT Collection by Kevin Hart


DATE: July 06, 2022 – July 10, 2022

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World-famous comedian and actor Kevin Hart and his entertainment company HARTBEAT hop on the NFT train. And all of you are invited to go on a journey of untold stories from Kevin’s life, dubbed Confessions from The Hart, together with the celebrity. An NFT Collection, 3D animated series, and exclusive metaverse content are the main boons on the way.

It’s gonna be a huge and versatile project. However, let’s delve deep into the details of the NFT collection. The collection will be based on the 30-minute animated Roku Original special and will feature 10,000 Kevin’s alter-ego NFTs with 238 attributes. Kevin is a master of making fun of himself and making people laugh at this. So, Kevin’s inner desire and the main goal of the collection is to ‘unlock a lifelong supply of laughs’.

The animated special will debut on July 6th on the Roku channel. Each piece will show Kevin Hart’s untold stories about his life and career. The NFT Collection will be available for mint on July 6-7th at the ETH equivalent of US$65. On July 6th, there will be a pre-sale featuring 2K NFTs, and the main sale will happen the next day. You have a chance to purchase NFTs using either Ethereum or credit cards.

Besides having a truly unique collectible, each owner will get special member perks in the IRL and Metaverse:

  • lifetime entrance to all events in Kevin Hart Nation Metaverse
  • exclusive bonus content from ‘Confessions’
  • allowlisting for all future Kevin Hart Nation drops
  • IRL merchandise, wearables, and digital content
  • NFT tickets to IRL and metaverse events, virtual hangouts, and games
  • future launches from secretive virtual influencers to superstar friends, and more.

How can someone have 10K alter-egos? If it is Kevin Hart, just believe that he can.

Grab your favorite alter-ego Kevin and enjoy countless perks associated with having an iconic Comedic Rockstar in your collection!