Computer made sheep


1.05 Ethereum


Computer Made Sheep is a unique multi-contract Profile Pic based NFT experience with rewards. It ignores the traditional goals of Tokenomics -e.g., protocol sustainability, maximizing profits for early adopters, and minimizing gameability. Instead, CMS’s mechanics are designed to tell a story, pose questions, create a novel experience for participants, and push the boundaries of how a Profile Pic (PFP) NFT can create value.

CMS is designed with careful consideration to the following: the crypto market’s climate, its participant’s interactions and inclinations, and the value driven hype around NFTs. Through a material reading of these and other aspects of cryptocurrency, combined with CMS’s mechanics and tokenomics and a semiotic reading of the CMS imagery, an interactive meta narrative about the current state of the NFT market (and markets in general) emerges.

It is gameable by design: Packs will be formed. Sheep will be sacrificed. Those not strong enough will perish. Innovation and a little bit of luck are the only way to survive.

Whitepaper :