Chubby Grubby

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1.05 Ethereum


Chubby Grubby is a free mint collection of 10,000 grubbies snacking on the Ethereum blockchain. Grubby is the artistic expression of every fully grown adult’s desires to revert back to a childlike state of unrestricted eating, complete comfort in one’s own body, and absence of any real responsibilities.

This is not a typical project. 50% of royalty revenue will be redistributed back to token holders via ETH airdrops. Every 3 days, 10 token numbers will be randomly selected. 50% of royalty revenue over those 3 days will then be split amongst those 10 wallets and airdropped. Chubby Grubby has a 10% creator earning/royalty.

For example – if Chubby Grubby trades 800 ETH volume in 3 days, there will be 80 ETH in royalty revenue, so 50% of that revenue – 40 ETH – would be randomly distributed amongst 10 wallets in the form of 4 ETH airdrops each. In another 3 days, 10 more wallets will be rewarded based on the royalty revenue for that time period. If that is too much math for you then just trust us – and may God have mercy on your soul. Rewarded tokens/wallets will be announced on Twitter with Etherscan screenshots and maintained on a ledger at

This is a full calorie project that will sustain its community via actual direct rewards – zero bullshit, no fakery.

Mint details: 1200 whitelist (via Premint), maximum 2 per wallet, no discord

Whitelist Mint: 8/27, 9AM CDT

Public Mint: 8/27, 3PM CDT

Reveal: 8/28, 12PM CDT

First Royalty Redistribution: 8/29, 8PM CDT

Stay chubby frends.