DATE: May 20, 2022 – May 27, 2022




A collection of 5,555 Chimps with immense abilities and ready to enter the Chimpverse.

The chimpers were mysteriously born through scientific experiments that went unnoticed by the rest of the populace…

The apes toiled with the humans for control for decades, but eventually, they were able to reclaim their land and push the humans out forever. But before they were vanquished, the humans had to discard the evidence of what they created. they fired the chimpers dna into the voids of space, hoping that their creation would never see the light of day.

However, destiny would not allow it. centuries passed and new worlds forged. the chimpers extended across the galaxies, species were formed, and a new age began.

With 100 genesis chimpers first inhabiting the world, now, 5,555 chimpers exist across the intergalactic warp. a world of warriors, gods, demons, mages, and space travellers standing at the cusp of an empire at the brink of war.

Soon, the concepts of time and space will no longer separate you from them. the chimpverse awaits you!