Cheeky Chimps Club – Mint is Live



Cheeky Chimps Club – Mint is Live


Company: Cheeky Chimps Club


PHASE 2 MINT IS LIVE – capped supply at 2,222.

Web-based Casino | Casino Bull
Earn monthly revenue share benefits from our web-based casino – Casino Bull. Experience exclusive member-only poker tournaments, games & events and become part of The House.

Cheeky Chimps Love Lab
Stake two of your Cheeky Chimps and have the ability to breed a third Cheeky Chimp or simply accumulate in-game $JPOT. Transfer your in-game $JPOT into actual tokens to be used in our online Casino.

Play to Earn (P2E)
Take part in an epic team-based “Play to Earn” reconnaissance mission. Stake your chimp to yield $JPOT, build your own army and collect all the battle wear needed to win the war against the notorious mobsters.

Metaverse | The Club
Cheeky Chimp holders will gain access to “The Club”, a purpose-built and exclusive establishment in the Somnium Space metaverse. Have a bet, play arcades or join our weekly VR meetups, featuring only the elite.