Cets on Creck



Cets on Creck



It’s 2030 or something. Doping is legal now. There’s no scratched faces no mo. Sugar’s sold at groceries. Shrooms are sold with veggies. No one’s gotta wriggle down a forest in the middle of the night and there ain’t no mo gun shots and shiz. Everything’s pretty chill. But the cats miss being hunted by dem dogs. So, it’s just a bunch of cool cats, who’re upto a whole of rat shit that are livin’, and chillin’ and vibin’ together. They’re pickin bullshit catfights, posting their own mugshots, cat calling the cops and stirrin whatever they can to keep the high going. They’re too clean now to be called a gang but too dirty to be called a fam. So let’s just say it’s the coolest fucking crew or whatever that shit is. Bro, this litter don’t know shit about how to clean up.