Bufalo BOTV Skulls MUSIC PFP



Bufalo BOTV Skulls MUSIC PFP


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Mint is live on bufalomusic.com. The BOTV Skulls by Bufalo, is one of the very firsts PFP and Music NFT Project, made of 1,000 unique skulls created from 7 traits designed by the French visual artist Porcherot. – The collection is composed of 10 Futuristic Western Songs mixed and mastered, fused with Beats – Mid Tempo – House Music – Dubstep/Hybrid Trap with different rarities. The more the track is complex, the rarest it will be. Each skull is a key to the Futuristic Western community which will offer an incredible and continuous adventure, with a stacking program giving $BUFA token, the possibility to redeem 2 Music NFT’s per month, one wearable each two months, Music tutorials, visual art