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Bridging Bears

Collection Avax Network

BLOCKCHAIN: Avax Network

DATE: December 21, 2021 – December 28, 2021

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In search of cheap fees and fast transactions, the Bridging Bears are crossing over to AVAX! Bridging Bears is a collectible generative NFT consisting of 10,000 unique bears. Programmatically created from 120 possible traits such as hats, hair, clothing, and expressions!

Bridging Bears have officially partnered with AVAX Apes for our release. The intention of this partnership is to grow and strengthen AVAX NFT communities. Our partnership includes:

  • Presale for Ape holders
  • Mint reflections to existing Ape holders
  • Secondary sales royalties to Ape holders
  • Bridging Bears listing on AVAX Apes market
  • Technical help from AVAX Apes team

Feel free to visit us for more information regarding tokenomics, rarity, price of minting, etc.