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1.05 Ethereum


The first of 5 collection of Breathe useful NFTs.

This first collection is in pixelart and has 5555 units of useful NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain.

Mint prices: 0.5 ETH presale (Whitelist only)

0.85 public sale

Mint starts on September 8th, 2022.

Breathe is not a common NFT project. Its difference is in generating value in the long term in an economically sustainable, balanced and ethics for all its participants. The Breathe project will generate value in its NFTs through various steps to follow described in its roadmap and white paper. Among them is the possibility of staking with rewards in a stable coin, the creation of its internal marketplace, among other options available to review in the documents. Breathe wants to reward to all the people that trusted in the project.

Breathe is not only a NFT project, but also a Metaverse and a play to earn game, these two will be developed over time, as the road map progresses.


Season 1 / Crowdfunding

– Limited edition pixel art nfts, the first of only 2 pixel art collections, 5555 units.

– First crowdfunding

– Hiring of 25 collaborators from linkedin for 1 renewable year of services.

– Enable a discord to keep the Community updated, install support, contests, voting and much more!

– Enable of staking together with our collaborators. Stable currency rewards for stakers.

– Enable of security certification

– Invite new sponsors who will be partners of Breathe and they will help with the dissemination of marketing

Season 2 / 3D modeling

– 3D modeling in .mp4 format. Includes the personality, outfits and movements of iconic characters in Breathe

– Videos developed to tell the stories of iconic characters in Breathe

– Creation of personalized avatar in 3D modeling for users in Breathe

– Enable of personal 3D interactive space for each avatar. Shelter construction available.

– Enable creation of NFTs by users. Furniture, decorations and more.

– Beginning development of game “play to earn” + metaverse. VR support. A real world online. Launch in session 5

Season 3 / Market Place

– Enable marketplace for transactions such as NFTs created by users (created and acquired) and for new releases.

– Promotional video about marketplace, NFTs created by users and new avatar clothing designs in Breathe

– Launch of a new collection of NFTs! clothing for Breathe avatars.

– Development of NFTs land systems . This will be very important in Breathe

– Website development in 3D format. It will be an important part of the metaverse.</li>

Season 4 / Lands NFT

– Launch of a promotional video of land in Breathe. It will show its aspects and functions.

– Launch of NFT lands! a very important moment. In this section there will be surprises.

– Enabled a 3D version of the website. Incredible navigations with VR support.

– Analysis and increase of cyber-security in Breathe systems.

– First user reviews in metaverse, play to earn, with support in VR (beta version).

Season 5 / Play to earn

– Promotional video about pixel art NFTs. It will show exclusive story and unique designs in img and mp4 format.

– Launch of ultimate collection limited edition pixel art NFTs.

– Promotional video about metaverse, play to earn. It will show gameplay, options, platform, among others.

– Launch of the play to earn game and metaverse

– The Breathe games events, competitive and entertainment, with recognized participants on YouTube and Twitch.

– Launch of Breathe token

So…What are u waiting for? generate staking profits while keeping your NFTs among other things. Delve into the stories of the iconic characters in Breathe. Sing up in the whitelist and access the presale with a better price. Follow the project’s route from its RoadMap. Get on it!

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