Brawler Bearz


1.05 Ethereum


The Brawler Bearz (6000 supply) is an animated pixel NFT that combines tactics, training, and fighting into a mobile first game linked to your NFTs faction, stats, and items.

Site details:

Bearz Mint Cost: 0.06 ETH
Bearz Mint Date: September 16th, 2022, starting at 10AM for WL


The wars of fathers took over the world with just a few buttons. The world has become inhabitable primarily due to nuclear fallout. The remaining societies travel about Neo city, otherwise known as “The Underground,” in search of survival. Several factions exist, and the battle for supremacy reigns daily. All the bearz lived a once customary and solitary existence but have been forced into a dystopian nightmare where only the brawlers can survive.

> Ironbearz

These bears live for pumping iron and maintaining their overall physiques

> Techheadz

Highly intelligent bearz with a love for technology and innovation

> Geoscapez

These bears love adventure, exploring the wasteland and discovering its secrets

> PawPunkz

Anti-society rejects with a connection to local gangs and outsiders, these guys know how to get out of trouble as much as they do getting into it