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Bored Babes NFT Drop

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Company: Bored Babes

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Bored Babes NFT is a collection of 10,010 randomly generated ape babes from over 120 meticulously designed assets. This collection of crazy, sexy, cool ape babes are living a life of luxury while waiting for the perfect suitor to sweep them off their feet!

The NFT space is dominated with male ape projects who get most of the attention. The Bored Babes team wanted to showcase the beauty and creativity of female apes while also building a strong community dedicated to supporting women owned/led businesses and startups.

Some of the objectives we have on our roadmap are as follows:

-Bored Babes NFT Giveaway
-Establish the Bored Babes Community Wallet
-Establish the REKT Reimbursement Fund
-Establish the Business Grant Fund & solicit for grant recipients
-Purchase BAYC & WoW NFT’s and select Platinum OB recipient
-Create limited edition Bored Babes merchandise
-Record and release Bored Babes theme song & music video
-Purchase land in Sandbox Metaverse
-Give first REKT Reimbursement to community member
-Give first Business Grant

Our team is focused on building a community with longevity, integrity and transparency. We will continuously build our brand over time and look for new ways to be innovative in the NFT space.

Drop Price: .07 ETH
Availability: 10,010

Public Sale: Sat Dec 18th 7pm UTC