Bored Apes And Grapes

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1.05 Ethereum


Bored Apes and Grapes is a small community that seemed to rise from the success of leading tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Our current community is ethnically diversified, while we welcome all genders, cultures, and classes, many of us have grown up around these economic leaders and bring a highly articulated  mindset that drives the general look and feel for Bored Apes and Grapes as a brand.

Each Bored Apes and Grapes NFT and Crypto Thread NFT merge culture, gaming, technology, and fashion, to serve our nft community members with an authentic connected brand that represents the most sophisticated Crypto Currency available, the ERC-721 Smart Contract, Token. Each NFT resides on the decentralized block chain where it’s traits and charicterists are as transparent as the bold doubble lines, and bright neon colors that are found in each NFT.