Bmall Marketplace Official Launch

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1.05 Ethereum


BMall is a multichain NFT marketplace to trade a diverse range of NFT collections across different blockchain networks. The exclusive Community Fee and Referral program of BMall will support the growth of NFT communities and benefit NFT holders. BMall is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that seeks to distribute more benefits among holders.

There are already plenty of well-known marketplaces already, but why is BMall so different from other marketplaces? Unlike other marketplaces, BMall focuses on community growth.

BMall has two distinguishing features which grant more to holders.

1. Community Fee: BMall is the very first marketplace to share transaction fees with its users. Under this system, for every NFT traded on BMall, a portion of the transaction fee will be shared among members who belong to the particular NFT community.

2. Referral Code: People can generate more revenue by inviting new users to BMall using your unique referral code! If a user signs up using your code and trades NFT on BMall, you will earn a portion of the transaction fee. Time to shill BMall with your referral code to increase your revenue!

Special Launch Event:

To commemorate the official launch, the BMall Team has organized a very special NFT raffle event! Enter the raffle with just a few clicks to win a pricey $$$ NFT for almost nothing!

**How to Enter

Step 1: Connect your wallet to BMall.
Step 2: Access the event page ad click on the ‘Enter Now’ button to enter the raffle.
Step 3: Approve payment on BMall from your wallet and input any value to enter the raffle. The input value does not affect the outcome of the raffle.

Remember, the launch of BMall is only a part of the ongoing expansion of the ever-growing BIFROST Ecosystem. Stay tuned and get ready for more fun and excitement that BIFROST has to offer!

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