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Blockchain Miners Club

Collection Ethereum

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  • Presale Date: November 21, 2021 – November 26, 2021

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1.05 Ethereum


Our project fuses our unique art with 100 BTC miners. We will award our holders with $120k+ each month in BTC to the rewards wallet and they get to decide what to do with it from there as a community! -Community will vote on how to utilize mining rewards in the rewards wallet! -Keep in mind that we are anticipating $120K USD (or more) from our 100 BTC Miners per month. Meaning our holders get to vote on how we would like to distribute, compound, market, and/or utilize our community rewards wallet! What can we do with our community rewards wallet? -Mine more crypto … This could even be OTHER crypto like ETH! -Altcoins -Collect or Flip Blue Chip NFT Projects -Get involved in new NFT mints -Distribute BTC rewards to the project holders WHATS NEXT? BMC has BIG plans to expand this project! We want to foster all the innovation and ideas our community has to offer. What will forever remain important to us is that the community has a say in what we do next! -Airdrop companions with a utility that mines others crypto -Merch store -Collabs -Native Token with Utility -Educational Channels for Mining, Crypto and NFTs All of this is on the table because of the sustainability of this project and the monthly BTC our Project gets from our primary foundational principle …. BLOCKCHAIN MINING!