Beauty Billionaires™ NFT


1.05 Ethereum


World’s first NFT collection made out of Artisanally Crafted Traits!

Beauty Billionaires™ is a UNIQUE NFT experience, mixing the utility of web3 and real-world into one EXCLUSIVE brand.

Besides the standard utilities such as IP ownership, in-real-life events, and more; Exciting things are coming for our Beauty Billionaires™ NFT-holders.

We are going to begin by introducing a special TOKEN project into our ecosystem. This token will be distributed to all Beauty Billionaires™ NFT-holders. Further information on the tokenomics will follow soon.

As mentioned in our roadmap: We’re building a brand-new MAKEUP LINE (cosmetic brand) with patented products that have been recently developed by us. We are going to take all Beauty Billionaires™ NFT-holders on a journey by INCLUDING YOU in the decision-making process of the actual brand.

And as a token of our thanks, for holding a piece of our ICONIC art collection, we intend to distribute 22.4% of the brand’s YEARLY profits to our Beauty Billionaires™ NFT-holders.

Date: 14 August 2022
Price: 0.3 ETH + Gas

Public Sale
Date: 15 August 2022
Price: 0.5 ETH + Gas

Total Supply: 10,000