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1.05 Ethereum


– this is to ensure that there is adequate supply, while not over-saturating the market and ensuring we keep the secondary market at a certain level; if we need to we will burn off our NFTs and do these for a secondary collection, as we want to make sure you make money too.

Where can I find out more details about the project? zep_green_tick

ds_starr First place is our website: – however we have a lot of amazing information all over our discord, along with that we have also created a Whitepaper with all the information that you may need; we have translated this into both Japanese and Chinese, if there are any other languages that you would like this in, please request it and we will do our best depending on demand.

What are the royalties? zep_green_tick

ds_starr 4% – we chose this after reviewing the top 50 projects and what they offered, this 4% will go to ensuring we can continue to donate to charities after we have minted, along with making sure we can continue to do giveaways for our community. Along with this funds and profits will be proportionally distributed to our DAO of which all our NFT holders are members.

I have a question not on the FAQs zep_green_tick

ds_starr If you have a question that’s not on the FAQ then feel free to create a support ticket in #🔖┋support and ask away! These FAQ’s will be updated accordingly to any usual questions.