A club of 8,888 degen beach bums with a dream to one day MAKE IT. They came together to form Beach Bum Capital, a community portfolio of metaverse properties.

We’re now 2x our presale mint price! We’re moving forward with Main Launch Round #1.

Mint Date: April 6th 23:30 UTC
Mint Price: 0.3 Sol
Supply: 888 Beach Bums
Bonus: 3375 BUM tokens

We’ll also have a credit card option for the mint.

🤙 Dope vibes
💰 Investments through Beach Bum Capital (DAO)
🥩 Staking is live – Earn $BUM
🛠 Building Project X
👨‍👩‍👦 Beach Babes & Beach Kids coming


One of the main focuses of the DAO will be strategically investing in land and assets in pre-existing (Sandbox, Decentraland, etc.) and newly established (think Facebook and Defi Land) metaverses. There are many income streams derived from this including flipping land, renting, staking, farming, etc. We’ll be implementing a land purchasing bot. All profits go back to the DAO for holders to vote on distribution.

– Project X

A revenue generating platform of innovative tools for buying and selling NFT’s. The platform will be a separate website and is currently in the stealth phase. Beach Bums will receive of portion of the profits and get beta access. The estimated completion date is late April / early May. Stay tuned for sneak peaks!

– Staking

Users can stake their Beach Bum and earn BUM Tokens. You can earn an average of 540 BUM tokens per day for each Beach Bum staked. The amount of tokens earned per day depends on the rarity of your NFT.

– Royalties

50% of all royalties from the secondary sales of Beach Bums will go to the DAO treasury to be used for investments.

– BUM Token

The Beach Bum Billionaire token is used to distribute funds to holders, fund the Beach Bum Capital DAO, and purchase metaverse property. The DAO can vote to use the profits from metaverse property investments to buyback and burn BUM tokens, making it deflationary.