Barber Apes NFT



Barber Apes NFT


DATE: January 30, 2022 – February 06, 2022

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Barber apes is the first barber nft project in the world! Some apes have been working long 12-hour shifts in your

Local barbershop for minimum wage. Some are jet-setting around the world charging fortunes to celebrities, artists, and sports stars.

The kingdom is ruled by real life master barber ape + founder with his own reality tv series!

 $1000 usd live giveaway in our discord!

 Each barber ape holder will receive 1 free nft each from our next project!

 Our 1050 supply s1 project will be integrated into the metaverse.

 Creation of a community wallet with profit share.

 1eth giveaway every month for 1 year for holders

Barberape holders are rewarded for self-care tasks completed in reality that grow their digital asset in value.

Amongst other things, there is $200,000 up for grabs for the ape who is crowned champion in the barber school utility.

We have amazing benefits such as aftermarket profit share, staking and another 3 season already mapped out.

To enter:

react with barber pole or ape

join our discord: https://discord.Gg/hskfhdywa2

follow barber apes twitter: https://twitter.Com/barber_apes

follow barber apes instagram: https://www.Instagram.Com/barberapesnft

leave a comment in the general chat ‘hey guys I’m from (enter server name)’

Price: 1.5 SOL


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