Banners NFT


DATE: December 21, 2021 ā€“ December 27, 2021

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25000 randomized, free to mint, text-only NFTs.


The NFTs given away will not be ours, but projects that we admire. Banners are about propagating art, community, and connection.

10% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 0.5ETH

20% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 0.5ETH

30% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 0.5ETH

40% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 0.5ETH

50% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 1ETH

60% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 1ETH

70% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 1ETH

80% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 1ETH

90% – NFT(s) TO BE ANNOUNCEDĀ  Approx. 1ETH

100% – 3ETH airdropped to winner (cold hard $ETH)

Should the mint go well, our goal is to commission artists to design Banners airdrops. What world or realm makes use of Banners is in the hands of the community.Ā 


Banners were inspired by Loot, and like them, we make no claim or direction about how Banners is incorporated into other projects. We hope our creation of interplay between Banners is a source of inspiration. Use as you see fit.

Banners were also created to be a launchpad for artists to design in their own style for holders of the original text-based NFT. After the mint, we intend to commission artists to design Banners and airdrop them for our holders. Artists that create and sell Banners art on their own will have our full support. It is our goal that artists and customers find each other and prosper.


Ā Anyone can mint a Banner for free, you just cover the gas.

  • Mint 1 – FREE

  • Mint 2 – 0.01 ETH (free + 0.01)

  • Mint 3 – 0.03 ETH (free + 0.01 + 0.02)

  • Mint 4 – 0.06 ETH (free + 0.01 + 0.02 + 0.03)

  • Mint 5 – 0.10 ETH (free + 0.01 + 0.02 + 0.03 + 0.04)


Each NFT consists of the following components:

Each Banner will have three Elements that come from four distinct categories: Mythicals, Animals, Weapons, and Items. Banners can exist with Elements from just a single category or a combination. The likeness and order of the elements found in your Banner can also create familial bonds with other houses of the realm. The bonds are not defined as being positive or negative, and not all Banners have bonds, but all banners share elements with many houses.



Kraken, Unicorn, Troll, Fairy, Minotaur, Mermaid, Warlock, Cyclops, Orc, Banshee, Yeti, Valkyrie, Leprechaun, Dragon & Doppelganger.


Stag, Bear, Fish, Stallion, Snow Leopard, Mammoth, Lion, Wild Boar, Rat, Eel, Owl, Snake, Frog, Vulture, Peacock, Whale, Bull, Hound, Scorpion, Ape.


Arrow, Broadsword, Bare Hands, Dagger, Longbow, Throwing Star, Shield, Battle Axe, Poison, Bludgeon, Helm, War Scythe, Hatchet, War Hammer, Morning Star, Katana, War Fan, Spear, Claymore, Trident.


Anvil, Berries, Tower, Coins, Crown, Diamond, Fire, Mushroom, Harp, Lightning, Moon, Mountains, Parchment, Chains, Skull, Stars, Sun, Tree, Longship, Wine.



Banners that have a Mythical, a pair, a set, or elements within the same classification, are rarer.


Any two unique Banners that share the same three Elements (in any order) are considered to be a part of the same House. Houses can be made up of two to six members, where the larger the house, the rarer it is.

Banners can also have a Twin Connection, meaning two Banners share the same three Elements in the same order. A Twin is always part of a family, but a family may contain no twins