Axols Season 2




Axols Season 2

Collection Cardano


Company: Axols

Axols is a collection of 5,555 adorable axolotl that will swim in the cardano blockchain.

The team is very passionate for this project, and we truly care about the community, that is why we do believe that Axols will be a huge success. The concept behind the creation of Axols is that we want to create a collectable NFTs based on Axolotl which is undeniably cute and adorable, I mean just looking at those button eyes and gooey smiles along with those plumpy bodies and comically short limbs, who doesn’t want to have an Axolotl!

At the moment, we are launching Axols as a collectable 3D artwork, and it will be soon available for physical merchandise

The team hopes that you will join and be a part of this project and we can’t wait for you to share/show off to us your Axols that will live and swim in your wallet!