Astroboy x Japan by XANA Metaverse



Astroboy x Japan by XANA Metaverse



1.05 Ethereum

XANA metaverse is dropping an exclusive Astroboy x Japan NFT collection on the Binance NFT marketplace via subscription method. The partners will issue 20,000 NFTs for 4 BUSD each. Meanwhile, each user can purchase a maximum of 10 NFTs. The Genesis card drop will be on May 2  to 5. Then, the normal card drop will start on May 5.

XANA Metaverse is a world-leading metaverse infrastructure and platform for world-renowned brands to enter the metaverse ecosystem. Astroboy x Japan is the GameFi NFT in XANA Metaverse, featuring the most sold Japanese comic character Astroboy. This is also a collaboration with Japan’s regional government and JTB, the largest tourism institution, and JCB, the largest Creditcard institution in Japan.

Drop Highlights: Astroboy x Japan

Osamu Tezuka wrote and illustrated the popular Manga series Astroboy. A mad scientist created the adorable little robot after the tragic demise of his son in a car accident. Later, he is seen fighting crime and evil using his superpowers. Astroboy possesses strength, flight, language translation, super hearing and extreme intelligence.

The drop will utilize Binance’s NFT subscription mechanism. This will ensure a fair and equal way for BNB holders or NFT holders to commit tokens toward a Binance NFT sale. There is a subscription cap for each user. Then, the system will distribute the final NFT allocation fairly and squarely.

Participation Tickets give you a chance to purchase NFT in the sale. You can choose to subscribe to some or all of your available Participation Tickets during the Subscription phase. The more tickets you subscribe to, the higher the probability of your tickets getting selected. Please note that this does not guarantee you can successfully purchase an NFT from the sale.

For more information, visit the NFT listing on the Binance NFT marketplace.


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