Arki World Og

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1.05 Ethereum


ARKI OG NFT collection

– 300 Supply

– Mint price: 0.5 SOL

– Mint date: Sept 03

Benefits for Arki OG collection

– Auto WL on next colections

– Access to all stories

– Access to WL giveaways for up to x3 WL

– Always OG to @ArcdavisSol next nft projects

ARKI WORLD NFT vol.01 collection

– 3333 Supply

– Mint price: TBA

– Mint date: TBA

Holders of Arki World NFT collections

– Eligible to join the daily giveaways raffle

– More chances of getting WL for the upcoming Arki World collections

– Access to WL giveaways up to x3 WL

– Can access all stories