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Rikka is the creator of the ‘Anime Metaverse.’ A young lady who enjoys reading, creating, and wishing to be seen as everyone else.
She has been exposed to the intricacies of building design since she was a child, as her family owns one of Japan’s most successful construction firms. Her passion is to design new structures, spaces, and architecture that will redefine lifestyle in more ways than one.

Rikka grew up with a lot of love and protection because she was the youngest and only girl in the family. This is especially true given that she has been coddled by her parents since she was born. Rikka, on the other hand, remains in the shadow of her older brother. He’ll be taking over the family business, and he expects Rikka to be the filial daughter who doesn’t deviate from the norm. Rikka, on the other hand, wants to prove to herself and her family that she is capable of more.
When Rikka is with her friends, a group known as the ‘Verses,’ she becomes the best version of herself. She is a natural-born leader who guides and protects her younger sisters to the best of her ability, and they love and respect her in return. Rikka’s friends are among the few people she cannot live without.

Rikka and her friends used to enjoy traveling together before the pandemic. They explored every nook and cranny of Japan and traveled to cities all over the world. She enjoys collecting vinyl records, classic art, visiting museums and antique shops, and preserving items that hold special memories for her. She has an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a lovely mind.
Rikka’s self-assurance as a leader and desire to create something meaningful drive her to create the Anime Metaverse- a virtual island where she can be free, work comfortably, meet her friends, do things they would normally do when they are outside in the real world, and have fun together despite the physical distance. She also believes that Anime Metaverse is her ticket to finally gaining approval from her family, particularly her brother.

Rikka hopes that the Anime Metaverse will reach its full potential in the future. A space open to anyone who wants to try new things, explore new worlds, enrich oneself, and restore a sense of normalcy to a world upended by the current status quo.