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1.05 Ethereum


Rated 90/100 on RadRugs and verified by Alpha Labs. Live on Mercury.

Long term project to build a web 3 store for in real life sustainable food and related products.

Revenue share with Amicas, charities to make a difference, and a motivated development team with founder doxxed.

The project team consists of 9 subject matter experts ready to make a positive impact in the world.

We see a problem with supply chain transparency and want to provide end-users with info stored on blockchain to make an informed decision prior to purchasing to effect sustainable practices.

-Amica Milk Bar is a web 3 store for sustainable food and related products.

-Rewards platform in collaboration with Xin Dragons to yield $amica tokens to fuel the Amicaland ecosystem.

-Tackling World Hunger One Burger at a Time’ to donate food for every Amica minted.

-Hungry Game is a collaborative metaverse game inspired by food elements.