Akutars NFT Collection Featuring Puma, Billionaire Boys Club, and Others



Akutars NFT Collection Featuring Puma, Billionaire Boys Club, and Others


DATE: April 22, 2022 – April 24, 2022

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A Black NFT astronaut named Aku is the iconic brainchild of ex-MLB player Micah Johnson. The hyping character is known to become a symbol of the youngster’s high-tech-inspiring yet somewhat laidback lifestyle. And now, having taken the NFT realm by storm, Aku is confidently marching into the metaverse, or rather to call it Akuverse.

The creator launched Aku as an animated 3D NFT back in February2021. Right from the start, Micah has enlisted massive support from the wave-making representatives of crypto, NFTs, art, music, and culture, like his partner Summer Watson and Aku Creative Council members like cult Upscale Vandal and Pusha-T. With the most outstanding people and real professionals behind the wheel, it took only one year for Aku to skim the cream from the non-fungible cake, becoming the pioneering NFT, optioned for film and TV, the first NFT launched into space, and far beyond.

Thus, to celebrate another milestone of becoming one of the Most Innovative Companies for 2022 according to Fast Company, Micah Johnson has announced the launch of the never-before-seen Akutars NFTs. The one-and-only collection of 15,000 3D avatars will feature the most sought-after, trendy designs by the major streetwear fashion icons, including the items by Billionaire Boys Club, WHO DECIDES WAR, IceCream, Paper Planes, Puma, and Upscale Vandal.

“Akutars are the next step in Aku’s journey and evolving Akuverse,” Johnson commented on his major foray, adding “Akutars will give our community, creators, and collectors the opportunity to further express themselves creatively alongside iconic, culture-defining brands.”

The collection of Akutars will drop in 2 stages: while the first portion of NFT avatars will be airdropped to reward the prior Aku tokens’ holders, the second set of 5,500 – 5,750 astronauts will be available for public sale in the Dutch Auction format.

Each Akutar holder will be provided with VIP access to the ever-expanding Akuverse, which bridges the IRL and digital spaces. It is the Akuverse, where the Akutar-holding community members are guaranteed to participate in the history-making events, as well as try new exclusive experiences, and products, and witness the most creative collaborations.

“Aku is the first and only one making art and building a community at the highest level of fashion and culture. The first Akutar lineup is a family affair of Black creatives coming together to take the Akuverse to the next level,” Pusha-T, a member of Aku’s creative council said.

The Akutar NFT collection will go public on April 22nd via the official project’s website. Come join the Aku family, to become part of one of the most cutting-edge communities in the realm