Akiverse Game Center NFTs – Alpha AccessTesting working


1.05 Ethereum


Akiverse is an Entertainment Universe where you can PLAY-CRAFT-OWN-EARN.

Akiverse starts by bringing the arcade experience back with a GameFi arcade universe in your pocket where anyone can play-and-earn for free anytime, anywhere with just a smart device and internet access.

This is the last Game Center NFT drop before Akiverse Alpha is released, and the last chance to get Alpha access reserved exclusively for Game Center NFT holders.

20 limited release Game Center NFTs located in Shibuya City will be listed for Auction on tofuNFT on 10th August at 13:00 UTC

3 Large Game Centers – Space for 64 Arcade Machines

5 Medium Game Centers – Space for 16 Arcade Machines

12 Small Game Centers – Space for 4 Arcade Machines

A Game Center is a space where Arcade Machines are set up for players to play games. Akiverse Game Centers are NFTs that work like land in other GameFi worlds. Owning a Game Center NFT allows you to run your own Game Center to earn rewards. Game Centers are the highest reward-generating NFT assets in Akiverse.

As a Game Center owner, you are free to install whatever arcade games you like into your Game Center to attract players interested in the games you offer. You are also free to set your own rates for Arcade Machine owners to rent out space in your Game Center.

Holding a Game Center NFT gives you access to these features and benefits:

1. Exclusive Access to Akiverse Alpha

2. Arcade Machine Activation

3. AKV Airdrops

4. Rent from Arcade Machine Owners

5. Secondary Market for Game Centers

6. Community for NFT Holders

7. Shape the Future of Akiverse

Bring your WETH on Polygon over to tofuNFT on 10 August 2022 to make a bid. As an added bonus, incentive bidding on tofuNFT means that you might get some extra WETH in your wallet even if you miss out on the winning bid!


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