Aiko Beanz Collection

Collection Cronos

Project Links:


1.05 Ethereum


Mint price: 50 cronos x beanz

10,000 pfp generated with different traits and with different rarities, their name is aiko beanz, one of the official collections of aikosociety. These little beanzs will release benefits, gifts and more to their holders.

The 4 % of the royalities will go to cronos to all holders of this collection and beyond.

Collectors with the rarest aiko beanz will receive gifts and will find that rarity levels will count as each unique trait.

These little ones can be placed in staking in special pools, dedicated for you in future, hold! Each aiko beanz will have a utility, will give passive income to the holders and whoever collects the most beanz will receive exclusive gifts and special surprises, these little guys will also release a small% of aiko token based on cronos, upon their release… The holders of this collection, they will be able to stake their aiko beanz on the defi wallet, as soon as our aiko finance ecosystem is ready!