AI Rein: Free Mint

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1.05 Ethereum


Project Name: AI Rein NFT

Project Vision: NFT AI motion avatar for global ACGN fans to live in the multi-metaverses.

Project Include: AI Rein Genesis, AI Rein 3D, AI Rein Motion Avatar

Build on Blockchain: Ethereum

Art & Animation Theme: Cyber Punk, Japanese ACGN, Future after the apocalypse

Technology for NFT: AI Virtual Idol, Camera Motion Capture

Project evolution path: 3 NFT collections, Web3 ACGN community, Annual Tokyo Meetup, metaverse Annual Meetup, AI Rein youtube festival, comics, music.

*Note: ACGN is a new NFT term to describe Japanese Animation, Comics, Games, and NFT, it represents the virtual world culture of Japan.



Discord: Locked

NFT AI Rein Genesis Collection, Mint Info(Scheduled)

Target Mint Dates: TBA

Circulation: 2999

Free Mint: 200

Whitelist Mint: 2799

Whitelist Mint Price: 0.1 ETH + Gas fee