Adoonga Metacity

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1.05 Ethereum


Adoonga and his friends! This time, they start off to become stars of Metacity. You can become a building owner in Metacity with cute characters and carry out various businesses. Construct your own building and make a profit!

The Beginning of Everything

 Renowned for Bananas, Metacity is a land of opportunity full of dreams. And this meant Adoonga and his friends, who were confident and knowledgeable about Bananas, were on the move. They left to be a celebrity in Metacity, and they did manage to accumulate wealth with Banana tokens. However, in a place where professionalism equated to fame, becoming a celebrity was not easy at all. One day, when Adoonga and his friends were flexing buildings, they come across Metacity’s Chief Building Operator – you!

A day in Metacity

A tense yet thrilling life awaits in Metacity. Because Adoonga and his friends were familiar with Bananas, they amassed Banana tokens and become pretty successful entrepreneurs. But Metacity is a place ruled by one motto: Blood, sweat, and tear make you a star. For Adoonga, who always wanted to be a celebrity, this was tough, and he felt lost. If you could add professionalism to his hipness, wouldn’t he become a popular celeb? What will be the fate of Adoonga and his friends?

Let’s Construct a Building

Adoonga and his friends wanted to make Metacity a more fun and hip place. Eventually, they use their Banana tokens to buy a small building! Although it starts off as a mini building, they plan to stack it higher with vibrant floors and ultimately construct a tower full of entertainment. Help the friends transform the stale Metacity into a place full of brilliance and excitement!